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Walking down memory lane with BH90210

July 29, 2019

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BH90210 was one of my mom’s favorite show, and just so happened to me one of my favorite shows as I was a teen. Being in high school and watching all of the re-runs gave me a lot of knowledge and showed that tv shows weren’t different from real life. At least this one wasn’t.

I celebrated my 10-year high school reunion 2 years ago, and in a few short months, I will be celebrating my 30th birthday. Why does high school feel so far away now? Why does it seem like high schoolers now are SO much different?

My parents moved my sophomore year of high school, which meant I had to move to a new school. Luckily, my teachers referred to me as a social butterfly, so this wasn’t a problem. I had a few great friends, was a cheerleader and extremely outgoing. So that made things easy, right?

High school had extremely tough moments for me from break-ups to losing friends, to dealing with mean girls. Don’t worry. I won’t try to act like the innocent party and say I was never a mean girl. High school girls… are mean. Having a daughter, I am scared to death of those high school years.

How about when Brenda & Kelly got into a fight over a boy? Best friends, fighting over a boy… seems crazy right, but I can count to you numerous times that I saw this happen and I was one of the girls involved.

Brenda & Kelly are back in BH90210, and I can only imagine that they got over that fight years ago. One constant in my life is my best friends. These same girls that I was best friends in high school are still my best friends to this day. That is when you know you have found good people to surround yourself with, that they are always there for you. Some of us have families, some of us don’t… but when we all get together, it’s like we are still in high school and the memories can’t be beat.

What would I tell my daughter when she is in high school?

Stand up for yourself and your friends. These people that you are trying to impress right now will not matter in 10 years (trust me!)

Have fun, but focus on your schoolwork. You have all of your 20’s to have fun, focus on getting an education, so you can set yourself up for success now.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on yourself, and not what other people look like or what they have.

High school is hard… so far. But the memories I have from it, are some of the best and I wouldn’t have the people that I have in my life now if it weren’t for it.

I am officially counting down the days until the premier of BH90210 on August 7, 2019 on FOX at 9/8c! It seems like just yesterday I was in my senior year, watching it on my tv while living at my parents house!

Who is going to be watching with me? What is some of your BH90210 memories? Who is your favorite character?



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    August 4, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    R.i.p. luke perry!!!

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