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Very Berry Smoothie Recipe

July 16, 2018
Mariani prunes

Being a mom I sometimes put myself on the back burner and get so focused on taking care of the kiddos and our family, that I forget to take care of myself. A happy mother will make a happy family. Last month I started to try to become more active and watch what I was eating. Every morning I would start my day with a very berry smoothie, which being a full time working mom, make mornings easier!

Our daily smoothie contains strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, Low-Fat yogurt and Mariani Probiotic Pitted Prunes, all which I was able to pick up right at my local Walmart. Mariani prunes are a prebiotic, which the probiotic needs to feed of. Prunes also have additional vitamins that are great for your health & wellness.

In the smoothie, the yogurt is super important because the Ganeden BC30 probiotic in Mariani Probiotic Prunes is unique. They are designed by nature to survive and thrive in conditions other probiotics cannot. By surviving, Ganeden BC30 delivers active probiotics ten times more effective than the probiotics in yogurt.

These prunes have Prebiotic properties that feed the good bacteria already living in your gut and probiotics help keep the good and bad bacteria in balance, supporting your digestive and immune health. Learn more about the benefits here!

My daughter when she was around one would eat pureed prunes daily because she would get so constipated from her formula and all of the iron in it. She LOVED it, and it always helped keep things regular. Myself, on the other hand, hand never had prunes before but once I mixed everything together in the smoothie, I was hooked.

On Antibiotics? Stressed? Traveling? These things can throw off your digestive balance and are even more of a reason to check out Mariani Probitoic Pitted Prunes, and create a smoothie of your choosing!

Probiotic Prunes from Mariani are made using California grown prunes and can be used in all sorts of foods. Although, you cannot cook with them as Mariani Probiotic Prunes can be an ingredient in the recipe but may not be cooked as the probiotic properties will die off.

Mariani Probiotic Prunes support your overall wellness and digestive health, so you can feel and be the best you can. Being a mother, this is so important to me. A huge mom win is that my kids have no idea that these awesome smoothies they are drinking, are so good for their little bodies!

Supercharge your immune system and improve your gut health with a purchase of Probiotic Prunes at Walmart and other stores near you!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Mariani Packing Company,  but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #MarianiSuperPrunes





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