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ToteSavvy Review

December 27, 2017
Tote Savvy Review Maine Sea Bag

Being a mom of two little ones means there is a lot of things to pack when going anywhere, even going somewhere as simple as the grocery store. Madison wants us to bring her cup, buddy and snacks while Colton on the other hand needs diapers, wipes, bottles, water, formula, and so much more! I was constantly carrying my purse, Colton’s diaper bag and Madison’s back pack… oh and on top of all of those bags, I have Colton’s car seat to carry! Do I need a new diaper bag or an extra arm?

I felt like when I became a mom that all of my handbags that I loved took the back part of my closet and the diaper bag took over as my purse… but I could never find a diaper bag that had everything I wanted it to. I need plenty of pockets and room, especially with using one bag for both kids and myself. Another issue that I seem to have with every bag I use, is things seem to get lost in the bag or pushed to the bottom so I can never find what I am looking for.

I came across the ToteSavvy and it has been a total game changer and a mom must have! The ToteSavvy allows you to turn your regular handbag into a diaper bag with many compartments, zips, pockets and most of all… organization! I ordered the Original ToteSavvy which includes 11 multi-use pockets, a washable changing mat, key clasp, and insulated pocket, all inside a compact book-like design!



On one side there is a large flat pocket on one side perfect for documents or books, which is perfect for my planner to keep all of our appointments together. And the other side has two extra pockets and a large pocket which is perfect to put extra clothes in for the kids.

Having a 6 month old, I tend to over pack to make sure we are not out somewhere in get in a bind so for us more is better. I was able to fit everything below into the bag. I love the organization and how simplified everything is.

It is made from nylon twill, which makes it super easy to clean… especially if formula spills. It’s also lightweight which doesn’t add all the additional weight that you carry with a regular diaper bag.

I am loving my Totesavvy and wish that I would have come across this product when Madison was a baby, but better now than never right? Go to to check them out and get your own!


I received product in exchange for a review, but as always the opinions above are 100% my own. 



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