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Tomorrow Sleep!

November 30, 2017
Tomorrow Sleep Mattress

What’s your favorite pastime? Mine is good sleep! Colton being 5 months old now wakes up still once a night, we will have a good night maybe once a week where he will sleep all night long (and that’s heaven!). My husband and I have been sleeping on the same mattress for as long as I can remember and I remember at first I hated the mattress, but then my body got used to it and I slept without any problems. Fast forward to when we moved and Madison had a hard time transitioning to her new bedroom so she started sleeping in the bed with us. Having an almost 2 year old that was in the midst of potty training sleeping in your bed, usually means accidents during the night. When we decided to start trying for baby number 2, and then a month later when I found out I was pregnant we knew it was time to transition her fully into her bedroom. Luckily she easily transitioned, but we were overdue for a new mattress.

I had never been mattress shopping, nor did I even know where to start so when I came upon Tomorrow. Their website states that their unique hybrid construction for the mattress combines cooling high-density memory foam with a breathable, supportive coil system in the perfect balance of cool comfort and support for real, restorative sleep. The shipping was very fast and we received our mattress 3 days after the order was placed. I was at work when UPS dropped it off and my husband texted me and said “What is this huge box?” and when I told him the mattress he was very skeptical of a bed in a box.

Once we got the box inside, we set up the mattress in the room and it was super easy to take out of the packaging and you would never have been able to tell it came out of a box once it expanded and was placed. We have been sleeping on the mattress now for a month, and so far so good! I sleep better than I ever have, even with Colton still waking up constantly. Along with the mattress Tomorrow sent us a sheet set & the Tomorrow Sleeptracker monitor which we placed under the mattress and downloaded the app to go along with it to see how we are sleeping! I’m very excited about this!

I received product from Tomorrow Sleep in exchange for a review, but as always the opinions are 100% my own. 



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