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Baby Product Review

The Boppy Baby Chair Review 

November 9, 2017

Happy Thursday Friends! Yesterday Colton turned 5 months old… and I cannot believe it! Time has flown these last 5 months and they tell you that time will fly, but especially with two children and being a full time working mom, it’s even truer. Colton has become super into playing with toys, telling us all about everything, laughing (especially at his big sister), and rolls from his belly to his back! We are very lucky that he is always so incredibly happy and can turn anyone’s bad day into a good one. We are constantly trying new things and making sure that he is staying busy, learning, and using items that will help develop his muscles. My living room currently looks like a daycare, I have a play mat, an activity mat, a bouncer, a sit me up floor sit and now a Boppy Baby Chair.
When have always had a love for Boppy products, starting with the Boppy nursing pillow. It was a must have item to come to the hospital with both Madison & Colton’s deliveries and even though I was not able to breastfeed for long with both of them the nursing pillow still came in handy. Colton hated Tummy time in the beginning so using the nursing pillow to prop him up on was the easiest way to make him the most comfortable and get some extra tummy time in without all the fuss. With Madison we used the Boppy nursing pillow for months for everything!

To be honest over the last few years since becoming a mother when I heard the word Boppy my mind always went right to the nursing pillow, but going onto their website they offer SO much more. I came across the Boppy Baby Chair and knew we had to try it! When we received it in the mail it was very easy to assemble, all I had to do was pull the back strap and wait until it clicked into place. I then attached the snack tray.

We always say that Colton is a nosey little man because he is constantly wanting to look at everything, so as soon as it got into his chair he was looking around and laughing at everything. The snack tray is perfect because even though right now he is not eating solids, the tray is perfect for his toys so that he can easily grab onto them and play. The material of the chair is a material that is made to easily wipe down so any spit up or drool can be cleaned right off.

My favorite part of the seat is that it has several purposes. It can be uses as a floor seat, high chair seat or a booster seat. We are constantly on the go and this will be able to be folded up and put in the back of the car to give Colton a seat when we are visiting family or going out to eat.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest review, but as always these opinions are 100% my own!



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