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Styling made easy with FailFix dolls

November 24, 2020

It seems like every year when the holidays approach us, I am struggling to find new and fun toys for Madison. She is currently 7, and, every year, there is a new hot toy or doll that she wants. Luckily for us, Moose Toys always seems to come through.

Moose Toys is a family-owned, brand based out of Australia. When you’re out shopping this year, you’ll see many of their brands such as Shopkins, Little Live Pets, Happy Places and more! This year, we have discovered their newest brand, Failfix.

Failfix will win over the little girl in your life! Madison is obsessed with styling her dolls, putting makeup on them and giving them a perfect hair do. Her favorite activities have perfectly meshed with the FailFix Total Makeover Doll Pack! This fashion doll is an 8.5-inch Fashion Doll with transforming hair and face, and a surprise fashion reveal and accessories.

This new fashion doll allows girls to #TakeoverTheMakeover! The dolls will serve for a laugh for both you and your little one, incorporating the hottest fail trends from social media. The FailFix Squad dolls have failed at trying out the latest beauty tutorials, and now they need your help!

What we loved most about Failfix is that these dolls aren’t about looking perfect, but, rather, celebrating the fails! It’s all about embracing yourself and being real. This is no fairy princess makeover; it’s about teaching our daughters to have fun and laugh and embrace the little things. I love the empowering message that these dolls give. Failfix dolls are not perfect, perfect is not a real thing… let’s embrace our flaws and have fun.


Madison loved pampering her Failfix doll with the magic spa mask. Once she’s done with the mask, remove it and you’ll see a brand-new look! The face mask can be applied over and over again! The doll can endlessly transform from Fail to Fix. Her hair was full of accessories, so we removed them and started the brushing! Her hair was SO curly!

Ta da! The complete makeover look, done by her stylist, Madison! Madison said the tutorial that she watched must have asked for too much hairspray, because her hair was a little wild before the makeover… but she did her best to give her doll the best look!

Find the Failfix doll that is perfect for you! With a truly diverse line in terms of ethnicities and body shapes, FailFix offers an empowering play pattern where girls are in charge!  With five different fails to fix, you can help @Kawaii.Qtee, @PreppiPosh, @Loves.Glam, @SlayItDJ and @Dance.Stylz create the latest on-trend style.

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FailFix was nominated and a finalist for the TOTY Awards in the doll category. This is a huge accomplishment, so hats off to Moose Toys and Failfix! They were also awarded the National Parent Product (NAPPA) Awards for Fail Fix –

Compensation was provided by Moose Toys via Momtrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Moose Toys or Momtrends.



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