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Start Saving Time with EasyKicks Shoe Delivery Service

September 5, 2018
EasyKicks Shoe Subscription Service with Nike

How many pairs of shoes do you think your kiddos go through every year? The price of shoes on top of the many shopping trips with their growing feet is never ending! Going through Madison’s old pairs of shoes, some have barely any wear on them and have been worn maybe a handful of times.

What if there was a program that would deliver shoes right to your doorstep of your favorite Nike & Converse styles? Meet EasyKicks! EasyKicks with Nike is a subscription service that provides unlimited access to a large selection of brand new Nike and Converse shoes for your child.

When the shoes arrive to your doorstep they are personalized for each kiddo with their name right on the outside of the box. Inside the box we found stickers, activity sheets and a pre-paid bag to send back any shoes, if we weren’t happy with them.

For as low as $20 per month, with a few different plans to choose from you can easily choose from new sneakers to keep or swap them out at your leisure. The different plans offered are –

Every 90 Days $20/month – You get to keep every pair of shoes and order new ones every 90 days.

Every 60 Days $25/month – You keep every pair of shoes and can pick out new shoes

On Demand $30/month – With this plan you can swap for new shoes at any time.

Want a new style? No problem, Swap them out.

Ordered the wrong size? No problem, swap them out.

Also included in each box is a foot to measure your kids current size so you always know what size to order!

EasyKicks makes ordering another pair of shoes a breeze. Just log onto your account, select which shoes your kiddo would like and toss the old shoes into the pre-paid return bag and send them off!

My favorite part of the EasyKicks program is that for every pair that is returned they donate to a child in need if they are still in good condition or they recycle them and turn them into sports courts. How cool is that!

Be sure to head on over to EasyKicks, to give this awesome service a try.

This post is sponsored by EasyKicks, but as always the opinions above are 100% my own.



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