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Snacking smart with Gerber

March 18, 2018
First Finger Foods


Colton is 9 months now and obsessed with food, which makes going to the grocery store a fun adventure each time. With a little man that is constantly snacking and we have busy schedules, so we are always on the go… we need snacks that we can bring with us. Our go-to snacks for Madison when she was little was always the Gerber yogurt melts & Gerber Puffs! Now 4 year’s later she is now trying to steal Colton’s because they are that good!

Colton’s go to snacks right now are the Gerber Puffs, Yogurt Melts & Lil Crunchies. As moms, we all want to make sure we are giving our children the best foods and with Gerber, you can have the peace of mind with these snacks.

Little ones 8-24 months get about 25-30% of their daily calories from snacks, so you want to make sure the snacks you are feeding them have good nutritional value. 1/3 of 8-24-month-olds are not eating whole grains on a given day, and luckily Gerber offers nutritious snacks with good for you ingredients like whole grains, real fruit, and yogurt, with no added bad stuff like no artificial flavors and no synthetic colors.

Our Easter Basket go to this year is going to be these Gerber snacks to give us a nutritious alternative to chocolate and candy!

Our go-to store to get these snacks is Target, which isn’t a surprise. With so many different flavors to choose from you can constantly change it up for your little one.

Click here for a few coupons for you to get your own snacks!

What is your little ones favorite snack?



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