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Smart Home Hacks with Modern Pest Services

May 31, 2022

With the summer months upon us there is no better time to start getting some home hacks into your life! We recently had Modern Pest Services come set up their SMART service and I’m excited to share with you the behind-the-scenes of our install!

Dan arrived right in the beginning of our install window and was instantly very friendly! He came inside and we talked about prior problems that I had experienced in our home. Over the winter I had noticed in the basement there was almonds inside shoes. These almonds had come from the upstairs snack drawer, and I knew it must have been pesky little mice!

Dan explained to us why it is so important to figure out if you have mice in your home and ways to clean mice droppings if you find any. I didn’t know this but if not cleaned up properly the droppings can get into the air and cause issues like asthma in kiddos!

We showed Dan around our home, and he was easily able to pinpoint how the mice were getting into the kitchen from the basement and came up with a plan to help us out. He went outside to grab the SMART system and brought inside everything he needed to get set up.

What is SMART you ask? SMART is a rodent system for your home that constantly monitors, traps, and collects data related to rodent activity in high-risk areas where SMART devices are placed, instantly communicating with Modern Pest Services without the use of cameras. You can live your life, while they do all the work behind the scenes!

As soon as Dan finished the installation, he explained to us how everything would work. He explained the different lights on the devices and how they would blink if being worked on or if there was movement. All great things to know!

The best part is I’ve teamed up with Modern Pest Services to help you become a SMART hacker, just like me! They are giving away a complimentary SMART service installation and 6-months of service for your home along with a $500 Amazon Gift Card, AND a chance to chat with me to give you some of my favorite SMART Home Hacker tips and tricks! How exciting! Head to the link below to enter now! Good luck!

This post is sponsored by Modern Pest Services. As always, the opinions above are 100% my own.



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