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Product Review

Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

December 13, 2018

Being a mom I have no time to get sick… because let’s be real.. mom’s don’t get sick days. I am always looking to boost and improve my immune system especially during the long winter months in Maine. Luckily Quantum Health has a ton of products that are perfect for the extra boost that you need.

I recently starting using Quantum Health’s  Elderberry products and have already seen a difference. If you’ve never used Elderberry you need to check it out. Elderberry is a powerful antioxidant that is 3 times as potent as blueberries and is most notably used for treating the flu. Keep in mind that Elderberry helps with the flu but cannot 100% prevent it. If you come down with the flu, Elderberry will help your body fight it along with plenty of rest and fluids.

The antioxidants in elderberries help to boost immunity, protect your heart, and prevent cancer. Elderberry can also improve your skin and hair health and the fiber in the berries helps improve digestion and prevents other types of digestive ailments.

Elderberry Liquid Extract-

This is one of my favorite products that Quantum Health offers. It is as easy as mixing it with two ounces of water and starting my day.  One dropper-full provides 700 mg of Sambucus nigra extract. Elderberry LE provides the fastest absorption potential and the highest dose of all our elderberry products.

Elderberry Standardized Extract –

Elderberry Capsules are for those who want to benefit from an elderberry-only supplement as part of their daily supplement protocol. Two of these capsules contain 400mg and it is recommended that they are taken daily.

Elderberry+ Lozenges –

These taste so good! They are raspberry flavored and also contain vitamin c & herbals to help with throat comfort. Perfect when struggling with a cold & sore throat.

Elderberry+ Syrup –

Perfect for boosting your immune system while giving your throat comfort. This natural immune defense formula is also a throat soother and contains only good-for-your-throat ingredients.

Paired with a healthy diet and good sleep, elderberry can help you build a solid foundation of immune health any time of year. It is a must to include natural products in your daily routine.

Head over to Quantum Health’s Website to order yours today!

This post is sponsored by Quantum Health, but as always the opinions above are 100% my own.



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    February 28, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and just wanted to say what a great post this is. I’ve had cold sores since forever and have only recently tried to find natural ways to remedy them. I began a regiment of using essential oils and they work GREAT! I’ve even written about it on my own blog. Combined with the info on your blog, it seems like there are some very helpful natural treatments for this life long virus.

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