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Making Learning Fun with Amazon Freetime

March 25, 2019

This post was sponsored by Amazon as part of an Ambassador Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Having a daughter that is in kindergarten that has always had a love for learning has been a truly amazing experience. Going from preschool to kindergarten has been a learning curve for us though, as we aren’t getting a daily report of her day from anyone but her. Asking how her day is daily, seems to always return with the same answer… but it’s the new skills that she shows us that have really impressed us.

She is constantly wanting to read new stories and now that she has a little brother, she is constantly reading to him. She has begun to write her own stories, or stories that she has heard at school and reads them in her version at night to us.

Children are so incredibly lucky with all of the learning resources that they have these days. Screen time can be used in such a positive way and promote early education opportunities. Because we travel a lot and road trips can be super boring, we always bring along their Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition with us. This tablet is perfect because it has endless about of books, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games with FreeTime Unlimited.

If you aren’t familiar with Amazon devices, I am sure you’ve seen a commercial featuring Alexa. Simply ask Alexa a question and she is right there. Between reading the news, controlling your smart home or if you’d like to hear a joke… Alex responds instantly. Enter the Echo Dot Kids Edition and you will find a kid-centric Alexa experience, creating a kid, family-friendly experience for your whole family.

With the Echo Dot Kids Edition, you receive a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, a kid-friendly case, and Amazon’s 2-year worry-free guarantee. With FreeTime on Alexa, you are able to select which services your kids can use, turn off voice purchasing and personalizing it just for your child. FreeTime Unlimited offers over 300 Audible kids’ books, kid-friendly radio which is ad-free, and premium Alexa skills that your kids will be sure to love.


My favorite part is the Parental Control settings that make it easy for me to control screen time and I can pick and choose with websites they are going on. This is super important to us to have these options!


Our bedtime routine includes Madison picking a book and listening to it on our Echo Dot Kids Edition. We love finding a new book nightly to read and even asking Alexa what book she recommends! Watching her read more and sound out all of the words with no problem is so exciting! I love watching her learn new things.

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