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Making Brushing fun for kids with Crest

April 5, 2019

This post is sponsored by Crest Kid’s, but as always, the opinions below are 100% my own.

Healthy teeth have always been a priority in our house since my husband and I were kids. Now having two kiddos, we are continuing to emphasize the importance with them. As adults, brushing your teeth becomes part of your daily routine, but for kids the task may not always be as fun.


Both kids literally loved brushing their teeth since day one, my son actually cries at the bathroom door saying, “Brush teeth!” But as they get older, sometimes you can see that excitement go away. I love to make things creative and fun in our house!


We have recently made the switch to Crest Kid’s, and the kids are loving it. Not only is it a premium choice that offers the best in cavity protection, but it has some fun flavors. 

Crest Kid’s is having an epic battle of flavors, and we were tasked with finding out if we were #TeamStrawberry, #TeamBubbleGum or maybe would be #TeamMashup?

Madison is usually pretty predictable but, in this scenario, I had no idea which way she would pick! 

And the winner is…. 



Why Crest Kid’s?


Why did we make the switch to Crest Kid’s? We were using a toothpaste that the kids didn’t love because of the taste and it made brushing a struggle. Oral health is so important, so making it easy for both parents & the kids are important.


The new Crest Kid’s toothpaste flavors offer cavity protection with fluoride combined with fun flavors. Making teeth brushing for kids so much easier! Kid tested and approved, the mild gel formula is super gentle on tooth enamel and the tube is easy-to-squeeze, which means less mess in the bathroom sink! Mom win!

Crest helps create proper oral care habits that will last them a lifetime. This is so important to start your littles off on the right foot, for that perfect smile. 

The Crest Kid’s toothpaste collection is available at Walmart!For more information, visit



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