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How To Make Mealtime Fun

November 21, 2017

Growing up I remember being 6 years old and I refused to eat my broccoli and fell asleep at the dinner table because I had not cleared my plate. Fast forward to my 20s and broccoli is my go to side for dinner, but let’s fast forward to currently… and I am now facing meal time struggles with my 4 year old mini me. Madison loves to snack about eat throughout the day but come so sitting down at a meal and enjoying a meal, ya right. Over the last few weeks I’ve tried some new tips with her to share with you!

1.Make Dinner time fun. We received the Sorbet Collection from Re-play Recycled and this has been a game changer. As soon as I opened that box, Madison wanted to use everything in it. It came full colorful plates, bowls, cups, snack pods & utensils. Adding a colorful twist to our meals has been a lot of fun. I give her the option of what colors she would like to use for each meal.

Sorbet Collection

Photo Courtesy of Re-Play Recycled. Check them out Here

2. Make faces with the food! For sandwiches I use cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches into small shapes, which is a huge hit!

3. Involve your children in the dinner making process. Any time we are making English muffin pizzas or Portland pie homemade pizza, I always include Madison and she looks forward to this.

4. Switch things up and don’t be afraid to try new foods. I want my children to make the decision if they like food on their own, so even if its something that I don’t like, they may!

5. Stickers! Use a sticker chart for after dinner when they make a “happy plate”. A Happy plate in our house is when Madison clears her plate!

I received product from Re-Play Recycled in exchange for a review, but as always opinions above are 100% my own.



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