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Homeopathic Options with Boiron

July 3, 2019

Having one kiddo in elementary school and another that is in a childcare center, the struggle with constant sicknesses is real. One of the hardest parts of parenting is struggling with sick kiddos and balancing work life. The mom guilt always would set in if I had to work while one of the kids were not feeling well. I have always been one to look for homeopathic options for our family before taking any sort of medication. Having kids 5 and under, when you go to the pharmacy there is not many options to help relive teething pain or cold symptoms.

During both of my pregnancies homeopathic options were a must since you can’t take much of anything and even the options of what you could take had risks to them. I would never give my little ones anything that I wouldn’t take myself.

Moving over to more homeopathic options have been super simple no brainer for us! What are the benefits of using Boiron and their homeopathic medicines?

Natural Active Ingredients -The active ingredients in homeopathic medicines are diluted plants, animals and minerals that relieve the same symptoms they cause at full strength.

Scope of Use — Homeopathic medicines can be used to relieve multiple symptoms and a wide range of acute health conditions. Such as your everyday allergies, common cold, cough, teething pain, muscle pain and the flu.

Efficacy — Homeopathy is a not new. It has been used for more than 200 years, which means there has been a ton of research and knowledge gained.

Quality-controlled — Homeopathic medicines are manufactured according to the highest standards, complying with specifications of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and Drug Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Safe — Homeopathic medicines are one of the safest choices for self-treatment when used as directed.

– No drowsiness

– No interactions with conventional medications or herbal remedies

– No contraindications with pre-existing conditions

– No masking of symptoms

I discovered Boiron’s homeopathic medicines for babies and they have been a must in our home ever since. Homeopathic medicines work with the body to help restore balance and relieve symptoms. These medicines have a “gentle action” on the body. Since these methods have been used for over 200 years, there is a wealth of knowledge and research that has been done.

Boiron’s baby line offers Camilia for teething pain, ColicComfort to help relieve symptoms associated with colic, and ColdCalm Single-Use Liquid Doses relieves cold symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion.*

The pre-measured single-use liquid dose delivery system is the perfect way to ensure that you have the exact dose that you need. No more wasting time measuring out a dose, and the single dose packaging makes it hygienic, sterile, and no need for preservatives.

With the help of Boiron, we are implementing new routines with the kiddo that include longer hand washing sessions and more frequent, especially during cold and flu season, on-the-go hand sanitizers and talking about the importance of not sharing drinks/cups at school.

Whether you’re looking for ways to relieve teething pain, bug bites, stress, sleep issues or muscle pain, Boiron has something for everyone.

What is your favorite product that you have tried from Boiron? #BoironBabyWell

This post is sponsored by Boiron and PTPA but as always, the opinions above are 100% my own.



*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.


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