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Gender Reveal Party

November 19, 2017
Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Let’s be real in the days of Pinterest, having a gender reveal party is a must. When I was pregnant with Madison which was only 5 years ago now, Pinterest wasn’t huge like it is now. Although I do remember pinning what I wanted my shower to look like, that was about the extent of using it for party planning. Fast forward 3 years and when I became pregnant with Colton, I had almost 2k pins on Pinterest and I could spend HOURS on there. My wedding was planned all with ideas from Pinterest, same with all of Madison’s birthday parties. To be honest, I was secretly pinning pregnancy announcement photos & gender reveal party ideas before I even found out I was pregnant because I was that excited!
A month after trying I got pregnant with Colton, and we made the cutest pregnancy announcement. I wanted to incorporate Madison of course and make her a huge part of this whole thing. Check out this cuteness below!

Shortly after I started planning our gender reveal party. I had everything planned out from our adorable cake to the blue and pink necklaces. We planned it so my sister in law would come to the ultrasound with us, and my husband and I would cover are eyes during the gender part of the ultrasound so that the ultrasound tech could tell Chelsea. The party day was here before we knew it and all of our closest friends & family came! It was February so we went outside to pop the balloon and sure enough it was blue!

We got our wonderful cake made by Julia at EdieBakes! Check her Etsy shop out at

All of our decoration I purchased at Party City!

My sister in law purchased the balloon and confetti to go inside of it at Party City and they stuffed the balloon right there for her!

Thank you Pinterest for my party planning skills!



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