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The day my name became Mom

September 20, 2017
The day my name became mom

When I was younger I was never one of those girls that thought about a big wedding and children, I just assumed that it would happen much later in life but never cared to think about it. When I was 16 my youngest sister was born but I was in high school, busy with sports, friends and simply too selfish to help out with a new baby around. I did my fair share of babysitting but it was my two youngest cousins and they never babies when I watched them.

Fast forward to age 23 and I was about to enter my first child, a little girl who’s name was going to be madison, into the world. The girl who never wanted children was suddenly over the moon. The day I found out I was going to be a mom, all of the selfishness I had in me suddenly was out the window. I cannot explain it but my life instantly changed and every decision I made involved what was best for this little girl I was about to meet.

September 4th, 2013 I went into the doctors for my 39 week checkup and at this appointment my OB stripped my membranes. I had went into early labor at 34 weeks so to have even made it to 39 weeks shocked us all. I left the appointment and went shopping at the outlets and did a ton of walking in hopes that it would kick start things. 830pm that night the contractions started and the excitement came on, but labor & delivery was convinced otherwise. I was told I was only 3cm and that I didn’t seem like I was in pain (I was!) and to go home and rest. I went home and took a bath to relax but the contractions only got more intense so I decided to call my OB to tell her I  was coming back in. Her response was super frustrating and I pretty much was told that they could give me something to sleep but she knew I wasn’t in labor because I had no cervical changes since earlier in the day at my appointment.

I did not want to be that girl who cried wolf so I got back into the car and drove myself to the hospital without telling anyone, luckily we only lived 5 minutes away! When they checked me again I was 6cm (see I knew I was in labor!) and was all set to be admitted. Oh and I had to call my then boyfriend (now husband) and mom and tell them I drove myself haha!

My labor was relaxed and easy. I got a epidural a 7am and started pushing at 1pm and met our beautiful little girl at 1:31pm! The epidural was a life savor for all of us because it made the experience amazing. I was actually laughing while I was as pushing and I would probably have a ton more kids if all labors were like that… (they aren’t. My second labor was horrid).

I instantly felt that selfless love everyone tells you about, and to the day now with her being four and my son being three months, my heart is so entirely full… I cannot imagine being anything other than a mother.

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