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Product Review

Discovering Movemints for Invisalign

November 10, 2018

I was 12 when I was first told that I needed to get braces. I was all set up with my orthodontist to go and get the classic metal braces, and the day of I refused to go. I didn’t want to get metal braces as I was told that they would hurt getting on and I played sports and was worried about lip injuries. Being an adult I always looked into invisible braces to fix the small gap between my teeth and found out I was a fit for Invisalign. I’ve only had my aligners for a few months now, but I am still adjusting and learning daily about them.

Thankfully for social media, I came upon Movemints and was instantly intrigued. They are made specifically for clear aligners to help improve your experience during treatment, making for a more enjoyable, fresher smile journey. The Mint that Fits™ was designed by an orthodontist specializing in Invisalign therapy and has patented grooves that fit between the top and bottom trays, making it so I can relax knowing I could eat them while wearing my invisible braces.

I have extremely sensitive teeth and gums and since using the Movemints I have noticed a huge difference. Chewing on Movemints generated a blood flow to my mouth, which helped me deal with some of the discomforts, with the added benefit to fresh breath!

The groves in the Movemints help you guide your aligners in place without having to use the chewies that most patients receive when they start treatment. With cold & flu season upon us a huge reason why I love using Movemints. They are and because they are hands-free, making it easier for you and reducing spreading any germs that you may pick up. Chewies are reusable and unsanitary. They require placing your fingers in your mouth more, which isn’t recommended, especially during flu season. Movemints are a great tasting, sanitary alternative. I was totally against using the chewies as I am a bit of a germaphobe, and working in a pediatric office I didn’t find that they were sanitary.

I have celiac so I have to live a gluten-free lifestyle, not by choice but for my health. These Movemints are not only sugar-free but they are also gluten-free and vegan, which were a huge plus to me. I am picky about new things but they have a great minty taste and don’t leave that film feeling in your mouth.

Movemints are sweetened with xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar substitute that can help prevent dry mouth and is thought to prevent tooth decay. It is low calorie and diabetic friendly. What is xylitol you ask? Xylitol is a key ingredient in many orthodontic types of mouthwash and other sugar-free mints and gums.

Movemints clear aligner mints provide a substitute to gum chewing (which is not recommended while wearing your trays), making it easier for patients to reach the recommended daily wear time of 22 hours. I was always a gum chewer, so to find something that substitutes that has been huge.

I am extremely happy with my Invisalign, and I know that I am still learning and figuring out new ways to go about this process. Braces and aligners may be scary to some of you… but once you jump in, it’s so worth it to have the smile you’ve always wanted. 3

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This post is sponsored by Movemints, but as always the opinions about are 100% my own.



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