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Dangers of Secondhand Smoke in Homes

April 10, 2019

Growing up I had a family member that constantly smoked in their house and in the car. Being a young child I remember those awful winter days of driving down the road with the windows up, smelling that awful smell. I can’t tell you if it was those experiences that made it so I never tried a cigarette, or just how bad it is for you… but it was a definite no for me.

Children face the biggest risks that come with secondhand smoke, because they have no other choice. Little ones have no control over their home or who is around them. A baby or toddler can’t just move to another room, because a parent is smoking. If you choose to smoke, it is your responsibility as a parent to not do it around your children.

Secondhand smoke is an awful mixture of more than 7,000 chemicals, 250 of which have been classified as poisonous. When the air is filled with this smoke, young lungs receive a higher concentration of these inhaled toxins because children breathe faster than adults.

How does Secondhand smoke affect your kids?

Children who are in a smoking environment experience more ear infections, which is the most common cause for hearing loss in children, but those are not the only risks. Babies and children who are exposed to secondhand smoke

  • Babies have twice the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) as babies who are not exposed,
  • Lungs develop slower,
  • Are more likely to have asthma,
  • Are at higher risk for respiratory problems, such as bronchitis and pneumonia
  • Are prone to tooth decay

If you do smoke, think about quitting. This is the best option for your health and your children’s health. If this just isn’t an option right now, do what you can to make the environment safe for your loved ones.

If you need a reason to quit smoking, do it for your health and your children’s health. Children that grow up watching their parents smoke, are more likely to smoke when they get older. Your kids will thank you for quitting, meaning you will live longer to watch them and one day, their children grow.

Is your home a healthy home? Take the Smoke-Free Homes Challenge and take the pledge to have a smoke-free home. I am challenging you to make your home safe for your children, pets and anyone visiting you!

Visit Breathe Easy Maine now to learn more about the risks of secondhand smoke, take the Smoke-Free Homes Pledge and request your free Smoke-Free Homes kit.

Once you have taken your pledge, share your own reasons for taking the pledge on social media with the hashtag #SmokeFreeinME for a chance to have your content shared by Breathe Easy Maine.

This post is sponsored by Breathe Easy Maine, but as always the opinions above are 100% my own.



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