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Christmas Eve Traditions

December 10, 2017
Christmas Eve Traditions Maine Blogger cookies for santa

I love Christmas, as soon as Thanksgiving passes I am totally in the Christmas mode. Our Elf on the shelf comes out on Black Friday and so do all of our Christmas decorations, with a tree to follow that weekend. Since having children I have enjoyed Christmas so much more, if that was even possible. I’ve put together a list of our Christmas Eve activities and traditions!

Growing up on Christmas Eve we were aloud to pick out any present under the Christmas Tree to open. In my teenage years that changed to opening a pair of Christmas pajamas every year on Christmas Eve to wear to bed. Our tradition is a mix of both of these. We do a Christmas Eve box which includes Christmas pajamas, popcorn and a new movie or book. This has been a hit so far and I think that it is something Madison and Colton will look forward to every year. This year are pajamas in the box were gifted from Gymboree.

Cookies! How Could one forget baking the cookies for Santa. We put the cookies out with a glass of milk so that Santa can have a treat and a refreshing drink before he has to head to the next house. This year our cookies will go on our new plate from Arla Creations. Check them out at

We of course put out carrots for the reindeer, because we want to make sure they have a special treat too!

We head outside and put out reindeer food, which is made of grain and glitter. The glitter is included so that Santa has no problem seeing our house from way up high!

Our last tradition that we started last year is saying goodbye to Elfy, our Elf on the shelf. Before she leaves her magic powers are lifted so that the kids are able to give her a hug goodbye, and a see you next year. Then the kids will be off to bed so that the jolly man himself can deliver all the presents.

For those who celebrate, what are your favorite traditions? What activities do you look forward to year after year?



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