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Baby Bullet Avocado Recipe

January 26, 2018
Baby Bullet Avocado Recipe

Hi mamas! Today I am sharing the avocado puree recipe with our new Baby Bullet system. We received our baby bullet last week and I have been so excited to experiment. My first go to was avocado because of course it is so good for little ones and is a super food! The Baby Bullet comes with a recipe book and it is broken down by month so you know when you are supposed to introduce new foods, which I found super helpful.

Below is the Avocado recipe from the book!


When I went to the grocery story I picked up three avocados and waited a few days until they were nice and soft. I then cut it in half and removed the pit from the center. I then scooped out the avocado right into the baby bullet.

The directions state to add 1/4 cup of water so I started with that and started to blend but it was still pretty think so I added a little more water to get a thinner puree.

I mixed it a lot more and got the perfect mix. I scooped the puree into the containers and one avocado made 6 Baby bullet containers.

Unfortunately Colton was not a fan of just the plain avocado mix so my next batch I will be adding squash or sweet potato!

I received a Baby Bullet in exchange for an honest review, as always the opinions above are always 100% my own. 



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