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11 Breastfeeding Must Haves

April 10, 2018
Breastfeeding Must haves

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When I was pregnant with Madison and working on my baby registry I remember thinking that I would need nothing for breastfeeding, I mean… I have boobs, that’s all that is needed right? Ha I was so wrong, and so overwhelmed! But the products became must-have items for me so I have put together a list for you new mamas!

1. Boppy Nursing Pillow – The nursing pillow is great for not only you but it’s also great for baby. This pillow definitely helped in the beginning when things were still not flowing all that comfortably. Both littles used theirs as well for tummy time and to strengthen those little neck muscles!

2. Nipple Shield – This was a life saver to help get the baby to latch especially when I was so in so much pain

3. Nursing Pads- Who knew that you could leak through your bra, shirts, sweatshirts… you name it…, it will happen. The disposable ones were best for us as I would just throw them away after using.

4. Nipple Cream – This really should be number one because I went through tubes of this stuff like it was no one’s business! I was so cracked and bloody and I literally had a nipple cream bottle in the bedroom, bathroom, car & my purse.

5. Breast Pump – A lot of insurance companies now give you a pump for free, which is huge. Both babies I pumped with the Medela Instyle Pump and had no issues, super easy to use and clean.

6. Dr. Brown Bottles – I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Brown Bottles. Having two babies that had colic, these were a life saver as they have the anti-colic option so unnecessary air is not added to the bottle. These bottles are also the best for nursing littles.

7. Nursing Bras – These are super handy to have!

8. Nursing Tank Tops – Let’s be real… I wore the nursing tank tops with no bra because it was just simple!

9. Water – You need to stay super hydrated for yourself and Baby, especially to keep the milk coming!

10. Snacks – You’re going to be burning a ton of calories just making milk, that’s pretty amazing… isn’t it? You’ll be super hungry so snacks are a must! How about those late night amazon prime snack orders?

11. Netflix – I mean… Netflix is life anyways but when you’re nursing a new baby… you should do something productive and watch a new series!



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